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With the aim to provide the most affordable car the World has ever seen. Chairman of the TATA industries, Mr. Ratan TATA, unveiled TATA Nano to the whole World in the year 2009. Nano, being considerably the cheapest car in the World on paper, priced only about a lakh Indian Rupee. It was anticipated to be a huge success; however, away from expectations, it turned out to be a flop.

Noticeably, after around two years of span. Mr. TATA revealed the TATA Pixel concept on March 1, 2011. Based on a Monocoque Platform, this car received as much attention as its older sibling when showcased in the hugely revered Geneva Motor show. However, this four-seater smart-looking hatchback never made it to the road and is still speculated to be launched in some markets in the coming years.

Highlight Features of TATA Pixel

Nano TaTa from TATA Pixel brand
Nano TaTa from Pixel brand.
Credit: wikimedia.org

The lower cost of ownership of Pixel placed this car on the inexpensive side. Still, TATA has managed not to compromise on the features list. The offered features aim to augment the driving experience while keeping the emissions under control. Some of the prominent features of the Pixel include –

Low Carbon Footprint – Equipped with an efficient diesel motor, the Pixel assures an environmentally friendly ride. Providing a mileage of up to 20 km in a liter of fuel.

Aesthetics – To further improve the overall package, TATA decided to equip the Pixel with a pair of scissor doors. With the emphasis on ergonomics, these doors allow the passengers to effortlessly get in and out of the car in tight spaces. Moreover, a monographic roof and a silver shaped window graphic roof line supplement the vehicle’s already exquisite aesthetics.

Maneuverability – With the ability to maneuver effortlessly. The car offers an outstanding turning radius of only 2.6m. The ‘spin on the spot’ feature helps the driver park the Pixel in tight spaces with turn toroidal traction-drive and IVT (or Infinitely Variable Transmission). Allowing its rear wheels to turn in the opposite direction to that of the front wheels. 

My TATA Connect – The TATA Pixel is no behind than the other modern cars when it comes to connectivity. With the feature of ‘My TATA Connect,’ the car allows you to wirelessly operate some of its crucial functions with your device. Linked to the infotainment system, you can effortlessly operate some of the significant car’s functions.

Technical Information

DimensionsThe Pixel as it appears to be a car of small stature. Extends to only 3.099 meters in length and 1.495 meters in width. At the same time, the wheelbase remains at 2.230 meters.      

Performance – The performance of any vehicle depends majorly on the power source employed. The TATA Pixel comes with a 1.2L turbocharged diesel motor producing a maximum power of 49kW or 65 BHP @ 5250 RPM. Meanwhile, the maximum torque goes up to 48 Nm @ 3000 RPM.

EnginePlaced between the front and the rear axle. TATA’s Pixel isfacilitated with a 3 cylinder turbocharged Diesel motor. The Pixel’s engine comes with MPFI (Multi-point Fuel Injection) system. With a swept volume of 1200cc, the engine produces a peak power of 65 BHP (Brake HorsePower). The other engine’s specifications include:

  • Compression Ratio = 9.5:1
  • Bore x Stroke = 7.35cm x 7.35 cm
  • Peak Torque = 48Nm @ 3000 RPM
  • Peak Power = 65 BHP @ 5250 RPM
  • Number of Valves per Cylinder = 3
  • Camshaft Type = Overhead

Braking –To offer sufficient stopping power, the front wheels come with a disc brake assembly. In comparison, the rear wheels come equipped with the conventional Drum brakes.

Transmission – As per many speculations, the Pixel gets a 4-speed manual gearbox. Additionally, top-end variants might include a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) gearbox in the overall package.

Suspension –Pixel being a tiny hatchback, use McPherson struts, and a coil spring suspension system. To maintain the utmost balance while at high speeds or even when traveling on uneven surfaces.Pixel is capable of running smoothly and steadily due to its lightweight suspension assembly design.

SteeringFor better maneuverability, the car comes with a power steering assembly to ease the driver’s effort.  The mechanical rack and pinion, coupled to an Infinitely Variable Transmission or IVT, electronically aids during tight maneuvers.

TATA Pixel Interior

Designed while keeping affordability in mind. Pixel does not offer any high-end, exquisite upholstery but rather includes unadorned soft-touch materials. The interior of Pixel, rather than being elaborative, follows a simplistic but futuristic approach. However, based on the same platform as TATA Nano. The interior of the Pixel is far from being similar to that of Nano. The interior of the Pixel follows a Minimalistic design while being pragmatic.

The features included in the interior package of Pixel are listed below:

Steering Rake Adjustment:                                  NO

Steering Controls:                                       NO

Cruise Control:                                                        NO

Rear AC Vents:                                                        NO

Air Conditioning:                                                   YES

Power Steering Assembly:                                  YES

Rear Washer:                                                           NO

Rear Wiper:                                                              NO

Rear Defogger:                                                       YES

Power-operated Windows:                                 YES

The interior of Pixel is put together in a way that bolsters modern design language. Though based on the antiquated TATA Nano, Pixel’s interior is far from being similar to that of Nano. The Prototype showcases a dashboard with a clean, uncluttered design. A touch screen infotainment system placed in the center console works as a control station. To command almost all the features offered in the Pixel. The broad windows make up for the absent sun-roof by allowing ample natural light inside the TATA Pixel’s cabin.

Pixel though considerably smaller than other normal hatchbacks, with its efficiently packed components, can seat up to 4 passengers. In comparison, the leg and head space being sufficiently more for the rear bench passengers than offered in the older sibling TATA Nano. The front row passengers can sit comfortably in this tiny looking but spacious vehicle. With a two-door design, the rear seat passengers have to climb up to their spaces. Moreover, the front seat with the ability to slide forward increases space for the rear passengers to step in or out of the vehicle.

TATA Pixel Exterior

Extending to only 3.099 meters in length and 1.495 meters in width. The Pixel might appear as a tiny hatchback, but opposite to its stance, it offers a considerable amount of road presence. Thanks to its appealing design elements.

One of the main highlights of the Pixel is its Scissor doors. The scissor doors are enough to make heads turn around. Due to the less space taken by the scissor doors compared to the conventional doors. It aids passengers to easily get in or out of the vehicle in tight parking spaces. Moreover, being ergonomic, it provides ample space for the passengers to enter or exit the vehicle.

With the extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (or CFD) software, designers have shaped Pixel’s body contours. In a way that minimizes Aerodynamic Drag while cruising at high speeds. Ultimately minimizing the losses that helped augment the performance and efficiency of the Pixel.

The features included in the exterior package of Pixel are listed below:

Bumpers (Body Coloured):                                 YES

ORVMs (Outside Rear-view Mirrors):                YES

Tinted Glass:                                                           Optional                    

Xenon Headlamps:                                                NO    

Fog Lights (Front):                                                 YES

Automatic Headlamps:                                         NO    

ORVM Turn Indicators:                                         NO

TATA Pixel Mileage

The 3 cylinders turbocharged Diesel motor powering the Pixel is already quite efficient in its performance. Moreover, the addition of the MPFI (Multi-point Fuel Injection) type fuel injection system. It further increases the efficiency by ensuring proper combustion of fuel inside the combustion chamber. That is done by injecting the fuel inside the combustion chamber at varied points, ensuring uniform combustion. This helps augment TATA’s Pixel’s efficiency, allowing the car to give an economical mileage of up to 20kmpl.


In this article, we have discussed the features and design aspects of the Pixel in detail. Though the Pixel never found its way on the road, it is one of those cars that featured some stunning elements and impeccable design aesthetics. Being a prototype built by the same manufacturers responsible for building the World’s cheapest car, the Pixel shared TATA Nano’s platform. The Pixel is still speculated to come to the market in the coming years. The facts are still with the OEM TATA.


Q) Is TATA Pixel still available?

Showcased early during the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. TATA’s Pixel was launched in the European Markets, but the production is yet to be announced in many countries.

Q) When will TATA Pixel launch?

The Expected launch date of Pixel is yet to be confirmed by TATA. Being launched in the European market, the car still has to find its way in other markets.

Q) Is TATA Pixel an electric car?

No, TATA Pixel is a conventional car powered by an Internal Combustion Engine running on Diesel fuel.

Q) What is TATA Pixel price?

A successor to the World’s cheapest car, the Pixel was priced at around 2.5 Lakh Indian rupees, translating to around $3400.

Q) What is TATA Pixel Top Speed?

Powered by the not so powerful Diesel motor, Pixel is capable of reaching a top speed of around 105 kilometers per hour.

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